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About Mr. White

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Our credit card dumps never fail. The exception is only the situation if the cardholder has changed it shortly before you. No one can control that, so you will not find the guarantee anywhere. However, we offer our customers the highest probability of acquiring the superfluity credit card. This is due to our potential to check the balance when creating the dump. Compared to other companies that offer the same products, we guarantee seventy percent (70%) that the card dumps will never cash out. Other dumps can provide customers only thirty percent (30%).

Anyone who determines to jump into this business needs to know various definitions that can be helpful in the future. In order for your feet to get wet with real carding, it takes much more than uncomplicated desire to claim or even money. in addition, this segment can be compared to the Internet carding segment and you will be able to take advantage of the basic conceptions of real carding, which are necessary for practice. So, if you have been thinking and finally decided to extremely change your life and get into the real business.

You Must Know The Following Base Carding Definitions

White plastic is a plastic film with magnetic tape. It can be made of plastic in various colors, although the most popular is a white color. It is easier to place the image on a white plastic than on a colored paint. It can be used to formulate or forge credit cards. These set differ in the strength of magnetization of the magnetic tape.

The encoder is a device for recording information on a magnetic tape of a card. Its price is usually $ 400 or more.

The printing is a card embossing machine (engraving means extrusion on the owner's card, expiration date, etc.). Its price is usually $ 1,000 or more.

The card fin is a tipping device (tipping means stacking gold into embossed symbols). Its price is usually $ 500 or more.

The card printer is a device for printing symbols on plastic cards. Its price is usually $ 3,000 or more.

The dumps are the data recorded on the magnetic strip of a credit card. (We have described the structure of dumps in our previous articles, so we do not go further on the topic). The price depends on the price policy of people who deal with various forms of dumps.

Types of Dump There are two types of dumps: chipped and non-chipped. The security level of the chip cards is higher than for cards with only magnetic tapes (the chip also contains outstanding information about the cardholder and the bank). As a result, dumps are also found in various types of dumps: 201 dumps with chips and 101 dumps without chips. Starting with a real card, you need the second type of dumps.